Want a part time income? Or maybe you’re looking to build a new business for yourself? Why not join our CHIALife© referral program. It’s simple and you can do it from home.

You don’t have to hold stock, if you don’t want to, go to meetings or make cold calls. You don't even have to post orders, we do that for you. All you do is refer your friends and family. Once you have used the product and found out how good it is you can then register to become a referrer. There is no better way to refer someone you know than to believe in the product you want them to try. CHIALife© mega+seed sells itself. The results you will get from using CHIALife© mega+ seed will make it so easy to show your friends the benefits, and once your friends start using CHIALife© mega+ they too will feel the amazing health benefits and want to get their family and friends to use CHIALife© mega+.

You benefit from every referral purchase. Every time. No exceptions. You are given your own distributor number. This number and your information is printed on the rear label of the stock you purchase. When a customer reorders from the web site they enter your distributor code and they become your customer. You receive 10% commission on every order they place. There are no catches or smart tricks or sliding scales or nightly meetings. It’s not MLM or any of those marketing businesses. CHIALife© mega+ is an honest whole food product that is beneficial for the whole community, from children to seniors.

If you want to make some extra money to help pay those bills or pay off the credit card or mortgage, send us an email at info@chialife.com.au requesting more information on how you can start referring CHIALife© mega+. It’s that simple.

We only want people who believe in our product referring our product.

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