I just love my CHIAlife seed. I was a bit suss about it when I was first told about it by my friend. But after seeing what it did for her in just 3 weeks I decided to try it for myself. How good do I feel now I have much more energy and a great feeling of well being? I would recommend it to anyone”.
Bruce Ashmore Qld.

CHIAlife has changed my life. I used to be tried all the time and didn’t want to do anything. But since I have taken CHIAlife I feel a new person with lots more energy. I am so glad I have told my friends about it and they are also getting great benefit from it.
David Brighton Victoria

I started taking CHIAlife 5 months ago and have never looked back. I can’t tell enough people about the way it changed my whole being. So much so that I now sell CHIAlife and I am making a good part time income. It is so easy to sell something that you really believe in. I would recommend it to anyone.
Michelle Mermaid Beach

Thank you James for introducing me to CHIAlife. I was very ill and under medical supervision. Part of the side effect from my treatment was acute gastric reflux. One weekend I ran out of my medication for reflux and remembered you telling me that CHIAlife might help. I took some Chia in a glass of water and was amazed how quickly it fixed my problem. The following week I told my doctor and now Chia is all I take.
JR Brisbane

I purchased my CHIAlife online when a friend recommended me to look at CHIAlife. Within 2 days it had arrived and I started taking it. It is an excellent product and I find that I am feeling a whole lot better than I have done for many years. Great product and great service.
Brendan WA

I compete in triathlons and skateboard as well as surf and I started taking CHIAlife seed about 3 months ago. Before I start training or go for my morning surf I have my CHIAlife and add 3 teaspoons of CHIAlife to my water bottle. I find that I have more energy and are able to go harder than I previously could. The amazing thing I find is that I recover much faster than I used to. It is amazing that this ancient whole food can give so much benefit. I read where the American Indians called it running food and I would have to agree. I have a much better overall feeling of well being now.
Tony Gold Coast

I am retired and was very active up until last year. I started to feel tired all the time and found it difficult to do things that used to be easy. I could not play my favourite game of golf as much as I used to. I felt old for the first time in my life. My golfing partner gave me some CHIAlife to try and I must admit that I left it on the kitchen bench. He kept at me every time we played golf. Well nothing happened the first week except for more visits to the WC. I told him that I thought that it was doing nothing for me. He said just keep taking it every morning and that I would start to feel better. Well after the third week I have to say that I was feeling more alive with energy than I had felt for a while. I am now into my third month of taking CHIAlife and find that I have got back to my old self again. Even my memory seems to be getting better though my wife doesn't seem to think so after not picking her up after golf last week. I feel great and have now got all my family onto it. It really is an excellent food.
P O'Brien Byron Bay

Thank you for a wonderful product. Up until six months ago I was feeling sick all the time with no energy to get up and walk around. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant and since changing my diet I have never looked back! I wake up with energy and feel well almost every day. I've now changed my family to a gluten free diet and we are all full of beans! Thank you so much, you've saved me many dollars in doctor's bills, I haven't been since taking CHIAlife seed. Thanks a million!
Mrs. P. Smith (Vic)

We had friends, family and staff members try the CHIAlife first in order to feel comfortable with the product beyond just the scientific evidence. Most feedback was that it was a great product. It even went over well with kids because of its "lack of any taste" - it goes undetected in cereal, muffins, salads, etc. Some didn't even mind taking it straight! Many people found they received increased energy, less blood sugar swings, and better moods. There was even a marked glow to the women's skin - wrinkles were also less visible as the EFA's plumped up their skin! I heartily recommend it to all my clients now. It seems to help with low level depression, food cravings and increase sports stamina.
James Dorward Qld

I was introduced to CHIAlife 3 months ago when I visited the Farmers Market. I love the new me. I have not had so much energy for such a long time and have lost 5 kgs. I exercise more now and enjoy my daily walk around the park. I recommend CHIAlife to anyone who wants to feel better and who wants to enjoy life more.
Helen Ashgrove Qld

I am writing this testimonial to you as I did not succeed with the email. In the middle of May this year the doctor said I had vertigo. I had a blood test and he was also concerned about my sugar levels (7.8). I had a glucose blood test on June 23rd after taking chia seed for 9 days and my test result was (7.4). The doctor wants me to have another test in about a month so I will be interested to see what the levels are then. Two weeks after taking chia seed I had energy back, I climbed North Quay steps without stopping and I wasn't breathless at the top. I am sleeping better and I do not have aches and pains I had before. I woke up at 5 o’clock last Monday and my right eye was watering. It was very red and felt very itchy. I had researched chia seed and I read where one or two seeds placed in the eye helped sore eyes so I tried it. I went back to bed and when I woke up a few hours later my eye was normal. I had this same problem last year and had to use prescription drops every day for a week or more. So all in all for me it has been a great bonus and I hope it will be successful for everyone else as well. I have also put my daughter on to chia seed. Thank you again for your kind assistance in helping me with your product.
Yours sincerely
E Ponsaing Kelvin Grove

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