Serving size 20g = 1 tablespoon
All specified values are averages and subject to seasonal variation

Energy   246kJ
Protein   4.5g
Fats total   0.7g
Saturated   0.08g
Trans   0.02g
Polyunsaturated   0.56g
Omega-3 ALA   0.4g
Omega-6 LA   0.14g
Monounsaturated   0.06g
Carbohydrates   4.72g
Sugars   0g
Dietary Fibre   8g
Sodium   <1mg
Calcium   114.8mg
Cobalamin Vitamin B12   15.54µg
Folate   2.24mg
Iron   1.216mg
Magnesium   90mg
Phosphorus   117.6mg
Potassium   153.8mg
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